Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Now I'm not really a person who has deep held or outspoken religious beliefs - I know what I believe in and keep my own counsel on it. My wife and the kids are however practising christians.

I usually only attend church on high days and holidays, which I accept might be seen as a bit of a contradiction, but there you go - I certainly don't deny anyone else their beliefs.

As usual I was shopping for an Easter card for my wife today - could I find one? Oh yes, but they all - without exception - pictured fluffy bunnies, daffodils or teddy bears and talked about spring. There was not one card I could find that mentioned the whole reason that we have Easter - the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Now whether you believe or not, at least we should acknowledge why we have these celebrations - and for those that do believe, it is a celebration, rather than just giving over to rampant commercialism.

I mentioned in a a recent post something I'd read about "The Jameson's St Patrick's Day". It's getting harder to find Christmas cards with a holy theme - give it a few years and there'll be nothing.

Why do we have to do away with tradition and traditional values just for the sake of selling a more "stuff"

I find that very sad.

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