Saturday, March 01, 2008

City 0 - 1 Leicester: Shambles

Let's not beat about the bush.
This was a truly awful match.
Leicester are utterly rubbish, but today they were slightly less utterly rubbish than a Cardiff City side who were as poor as they've been all season, and let's face it, they've been poor at times this term. Without Joe Ledley and Glen Loovens they were insipid. Dire. Donkeys. Seriously bad.

It's all so predictable. They defend in their own third, giving the opposition 40 yards of space to play in - our keeper hoofs the ball up field (and today only about 5% of Enckleman's kicks actually went straight - most off them went straight out to touch).
The opposition head the ball back, we pass it sideways (or more often backwards) then do one of two things.
  1. Give the ball away
  2. Hoof it up the field and it all starts again
Why, oh why, oh why does this happen? These are well paid professional footballers. Surely they do something in training (though judging by their efforts on Soccer A.M's crossbar challenge this morning suggests they don't).

Come on, even the most dull of us know that when we control it, play it to feet and get it wide and pressure the opposition we do well. Are we missing something or does Dave Jones know something we don't?

It was so bad, I can't even begin to think who my man of the match was. The announcer gave it to Roger Johnson, one of my favourite players, but he wasn't great today. Peter Whittingham possibly just shaded it, but even he only ranked about 5/10 in my book today.

What made today even worse was the handing out of leaflets before the match urging people to buy their 08/09 season tickets before 14th April to get a discount. Then they serve up that trash. There were 13 and a half thousand inside Ninian Park today, and most of them had left by the end. Those that hadn't booed the players off, and frankly they deserved it.

I appreciate players will have bad days, but all 11 (plus subs) on the same day? No doubt Dave Jones will blame the wind, the fact Leicester were a physical side, the fact he had the wrong marmalade for breakfast - anything but admit we were crap.

I'm angry. Can you tell?

The only consolation is, that if Middlesborough had sent any scouts down ahead of next weekends FA Cup quarter final, they won't be quaking in their boots, and might even be complacent enough to put a second string out against us. If they play to their premiership potential, which occasionally they do, and we play like we did today, it'll be about 15-0.

I'm off for a beer.

Happy St David's Day

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