Friday, March 14, 2008

Centro update

So, after almost a day with the Centro what are my impressions?
Well firstly, though I've only been Treo-less a week, I feel like I've rediscovered an old friend. Palm OS is just so much nicer and more intuitive than WM. The touchscreen functionality just sets it off. But the OS is old hat. What about the device itself?
It's much smaller and neater than the Treo. Size wise it hits the spot.
The buttons all work well. The QWERTY keyboard is much tighter than the Treo but useable though a little bit harder work than it's older brother. The free KeyCaps utility helps enormously and this was posted from the Centro.

Software wise not much has changed. Versamail now has a spinning circle when downloading email a la Windows Vista. Docs to Go v 10 is a great inclusion though I'm not sure how you register it yet.

There's also the option to download some free games and utilities which is welcome.

So far I'm impressed. Several peopke have commented positively on the looks on day one - something that never happened with the Treo, which most people thought was a Blackberry - though arguably the Centro looks more like the BB Curve/Pearl than the Treo ever did.

So far it's a thumbs up from me.

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