Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Centro again

I'm still keen to get a Centro - not a red one though! I've had a couple of bids for the Treo 680 on e-bay, here's the link if you fancy a bid! Still a couple of days to go though, and I've put a fairly high reserve price on it at the moment, because it's too good a piece of kit to give away.

Various reports about the Centro coming out around the blogs and forums, and pretty much all of them are universally positive. Given that the OS hasn't changed from the Treo, it's pretty much only form factor that has altered, it's interesting to see just what a little bit of hardware vamping can do to a product line.

On the flip side, something strange has happened. Before I committed to selling the Treo, I continued to "ooh" and aah" between the Treo and the Vox, each device meriting plus points and down sides.

Now I've decided to flog the Treo, it seems to have flicked a switch in my head, and although it's sitting here in it's box on the study desk, it's as though it doesn't exist any more. As a result I'm using the Vox perhaps more aggressively than I ever did before, and do you know what? I'm quite enjoying it!

I still want the Centro, because I think I'm just a Palm person at heart, and I'm desperate for a front mounted keyboard again (oh, and to play Wordpop). And use Doc to Go. Etc, etc.

But it is strange how much more I've taken to the Vox in the last few days.....

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