Saturday, February 02, 2008

Photo's on my blog from my Treo - hurrah!

It's taken me all day to work out (when I haven't been fixing leaky cisterns), but I've finally solved the problem of being able to post photos with my posts to this Blog.

It's done via Flickr. Ive created a Flickr account, used the tools option which gives you the opportunity to set it to upload photos to your blog by email, and voila!

Actually it wasn't that simple. Is anything? My first 10 goes or so failed miserably, despite double checking all the settings and following everything step by step. I then decided to try from my Googlemail account which is also set up on my Treo rather than my default Pipex account. Bingo!

Don't ask me why it's working from one but not the other, I really don't know. But I can now post photos and text directly from my smartphone and that's brilliant.

Well chuffed.

The picture above which I used for this test is one of my favourite places - Solva harbour, Pembrokeshire.

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