Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Palm-Mac on Palm

Murray over at Palm-Mac reflecting ona 1src podcast makes some very pertinent observations of where Palm is sitting at the moment, where they're going, and why Palm die hards might be dallying with Windows Mobile - but only until Palm come up with their next offering. I think I sit in that camp. He sums it up very nicely....

"Facing facts here, people do not leave palm and go to windows mobile, on the whole, because they think that the latter is a vastly superior system and is far easier to use and to live with (because it certainly isn't)....oh no..on the contrary, they mostly leave because their new win mob smartphones have better specs and do something they need that the palm treo currently cannot do but most certainly will be able to offer in a year or so time. When the new treo can do that I'll wager that the simplicity of the palm o/s,which I''m sure will be maintained, will be a powerful draw to them when mated with higher specced and stylish new palm devices and should see the palm devotees returning."

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