Thursday, February 14, 2008

Half Term Stuff

We've been off this week as it's half term.
"What?" I hear you cry, "...we've only just gone back after Christmas!"
Indeed Tempus does Fugit although it is only 5 weeks since the kids went back and we packed the deccies away.
The weather's been glorious this week. We spent the first couple of days in Lincolnshire as previously posted, and then it's been car servicing and decorating.

I've also been pottering in the garden, one of my favourite pastimes, pruning, planting some seeds and other odd jobs. Today it's turned bitterly cold though.

Tomorrow I think we're off to the pictures. Bethan our youngest (10) is going on about a film called "National Treasure" which she says is like an "Indiana Jones" film. We'll see.

On Saturday of course it's FA Cup 5th round day and Jim (13) and I are off to hopefully see City beat Wolves and earn a quarter final draw, whilst the girls are off visiting and shopping all things weddings as Bethan's going to be a Bridesmaid in August.

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