Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vista - is bigger better?

My new PC is installed with the Vista Home Premium OS. although it's had some bad press, I'm generally quite impressed with it. You can see how Microsoft (or Micro$oft as some are prone to call it) are trying really hard to make the user experience better and less technical - which of coures really hacks off (sic) the technically minded. Some things are undoubtedly irritaing though. It's insistance on warning you every time you do something that might change a setting (yes, warn me once but then let me get on with it I say). There might be a way to turn this off but I haven't bothered looking yet.

And it takes much longer than my XP system to boot up - and I thought that took a longt time! Googling suggests it not just me, and this protracted start up is quite common. I've turned off all the start programs I can, and I've added another 2 GB ram to the 1GB it came with.

3GB ram! My first computer (a Commodore +4, not a 64) came with 64k ram, and my first ever PC had (I think) about 1/2 MB ram. Blimey - it's hard disk was only 100mb. Ahh... those were the days

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