Sunday, January 20, 2008

To scrub (or scrape) or not?

Regular readers may be familiar with my "Top 10 annoying things" (see bottom right), but today reminded me of one of my all time hated jobs.

Being Sunday it's roast dinner day (here in the UK anyway), and one of the jobs I had to do was scrape the skins off a bag of new potatoes before cooking them. Now my wife knows how much I hate doing this and in fairness to the lovely lady she did offer to do them instead of me, but I manfully resisted the temptation to hand the lot over to her as she was already busy with the iron.....and well, I need all the brownie points I can get!

Now I guess I have a couple of reasons for hating this job so much. One is, that standing at the sink for half an hour fiddling about like this makes my back ache. The other is, what's the point? You can cook new potatoes with their skins on. In fact there's a school of thought (I'm with them here) that says the goodness is all in the skin or just under it, so scraping it off makes it less nutritious. Does anyone know for sure? Anyway, after all that effort they were rather nice - especially with a knob of butter on them.

Do you scrape or scrub you new tatties or chuck them in the pot as is?

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