Thursday, January 03, 2008

There's no business like snow business

And there's no snow here!
Someone said on the radio this morning, when there's inclement weather about nobody wants it (rain, gales, floods etc) but give a forecast of snow and 99% of the population (well kids and saddo's like me) actually want it where we are!
All the media are getting hot under the collar about snow and all we get is cold and wind. Not a flake in sight in South East Wales. Just as well really. Half an inch and the whole country comes to a grinding halt. Just imagine if somewhere like Norway or Sweden was full of Brits. Nothing would ever happen.
I like snow. My good lady doesn't, but then she works for the NHS and has to sort out all the problems when staff don't turn up because they can't get the car off their drive (walk to the nearest bus stop?).
Nothing beats a good days sledging, making snowmen and generally getting frostbite. Just a shame we don't see so much these days. I'm old enough to remember (just) the winter of '63 when we had feet of the stuff, and winters when we used to go sledging down a whacking great hill (or it seemed like it at the time) in Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire.
Still, there's still most of January and February to come, so chance yet.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

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