Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Palm again...thanks Bacofoil

I'm having another bash with my Treo. I've got used to the Vox (HTC S710) but I don't "like" it. It's functional, but try as I might I don't like Windows Mobile - especially the non-touchscreen version I have, and although I originally thought the slide out qwerty keyboard on the Vox neat, it's nowhere near as usable as the Treo's front mounted qwerty keys, which make one handed operation easy and a joy.

So why else go back to the Treo? Well, two things really.
  1. I've done the recent Treo update. Despite my original misgivings and problems with this update, a hard reset and restore seems to have sorted those problems. The claimed battery life improvement does seem to be holding some water. Although when I unplugged my device from a full overnight charge, with the battery indicator shoring green (full charge), the actual battery was reading 91%. Hmmm... not boding well. However, after some (not extensive) use today of bluetooth, email, web browsing RSS updates, the battery is still at 72% as I write. More impressive than before the update methinks.
  2. I am still concerned that the Treo doesn't pick up and hold a signal as well as any other phone I've used (ever). That's not to say it''s bad, but in areas of "restricted" coverage, sadly at home for instance even though T-Mobile tells me it's fine for my postcode (maybe they should come and live here), it's not great. My signals bar shifts between 0 and 3 bars depending on where I am in the house. Sometimes it shifts between 0 and 3 bars just sitting on my desk in the study! Hey - maybe T-Mobile are moving the masts around?

    To try and improve matters I previously bought one of these signal booster things from e-bay for 99p that you stick in you battery compartment close to the antenna which is supposed to increase signal capture massively. I can't say I've noticed a difference, but it was worth a go for 99p.

    So, I'm taking an even cheaper Heath Robinson approach, and have stuck a square of tin foil in the battery compartment to see if that helps. I don't suppose it does, although the signal has seemed a little better in the last 24 hours. Maybe I'm just imagining it though.
Either way, I'm going to try and use the Treo as my main device again for a few days and see how I get on.

And I'm excited about that. I can't get excited about my Vox.

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