Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh the joy of trains

You know how much I hate trains. Well, today is just another example of why. Trip to London planned for work, and first up last week the whole thing was in doubt because of a planned strike by First Great Western (or whatever they're called now) guards. That was called off late last week, so all looked rosy. No.

To be fair, everything look fine and dandy for the 2 hour trip from Cardiff to London until we pulled into Bristol Parkway. Sat at the station for about 5 minutes and then pulled out heading back the way we'd come. After a while the "train manager" came on the tannoy to say we'd have to go round the long way because of flooding in the Chipping Sodbury tunnel. So back into Bristol, round via Bath etc, and to cut a long story short eventually got to Paddington in London 3hrs and 15m after leaving Cardiff. Amused? No. I wouldn't have minded if they'd only have warned us of that at Cardiff. Well actually I would have minded, but they still should have told us.

The homeward journey wasn't quite so tortuous. Got through the tunnel, but only at 5mph. Homeward time was 2hrs and 35m. So, all in all 5hrs and 50m on the train today (and that's not including the London Underground. Not a happy bunny. And an open standard (that's 2nd class to you and me) return, with the underground Zone 1 fare is £163 beer vouchers to boot.

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