Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Alan Titchmarsh impersonation

Now I'm sure there might be a few sniggers out there when I say I enjoy a spot of gardening. I don't care.

When I was younger, my mother (God rest her soul) used to watch gardening programmes which used to bore the pants off me (although I remember Peter Seabrook on Pebble Mill at One!). She even used to try to get me to help out in what was a rather large garden where we lived in Lincolnshire, but to no avail - I had much more important things to do - fishing, playing with my pals etc.

As I've got older though I've become more interested (probably because a house has a garden that needs looking after), to the point where I downright enjoy the messing around in the garden. I can't claim to be an expert gardener, and latin names especially phase me. I describe myself as a bit of a potterer. Our garden isn't big - it's actually quite small at about 30ft x 25ft, although there's also room out the front.

Most things I plant tend to grow, and I have few disasters, and a few of my friends actually think I'm quite decent at it. I find that it's a great way to relax, and take your mind off things.

Today was quite bright early on, and I was "pottering" about clearing some dead stuff (see I told you I wasn't an expert), but I was amazed at how much out there is still growing, and even this early in January there are signs of life that suggest sunnier, warmer days are ahead. Maybe that's what it is that I like - the circle of life. Hmm... maybe that's a bit too heavy for a blog.

Anyway, I needed to try out my new secateurs......

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