Monday, January 07, 2008

The magic of the FA Cup: 4th Round Draw

It was with bated breath I watched the 4th Round FA Cup draw at lunchtime today, hoping that the Blubirds could draw one of the "biggies", preferably away, but home would be fine. memories of recent cup history - that game against Leeds when we won 2-1 when they were the Premiership leaders - look what happened to them after that! Arsenal away last year, Liverpool away in the Carling Cup
Out came the balls, but City were nowwhere to be seen. Arsenal, came and went, Chelsea, Liverpool....still no Man Utd though. Then it was down the final four balls. Out came the penultimate home tie. "Manchester United...", surely it couldn't be "...versus Cardiff City"?
No, it wasn't - it was Tottenham or Reading.
So, we awaited our fate (I couldn't remember who else was left in) and only hoped for a home tie. But even that wasn't to be.
Tranmere or Hereford away. No disrespect to either of those teams, but that wasn't what we were hoping for, and neither I suspect what they were wishing for (big club that City are!).
On the plus side though it does provide a decent chance for us to progress to the 5th round - one away from the quarter finals, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. There were a few shocks last weekend - let's just hope we're not a shock come 4th round weekend.

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