Sunday, January 13, 2008

Customer rip-off

Here's an update to my post of a couple of days ago bemoaning HP's customer support. You'll recall the email I received pointing me in the direction of a premium rate (60p a minute) support line allegedly open 6 days a week, only to ring it and find it was not open on Saturday.

Well, I sent an email back telling them that, and also I found it very annoying to be charged 60p a minute, and basically I wasn't going to ring that line again.

Had another response today. They've given me another number - an 0870 number this time, which they say is charged at 8p a minute!

Hmmm. This sounds entirely like a rip off to me. If you need to contact HP support the given number costs 60p a minute, but if you complain they give you a number that'll cost you 8p a minute.

I don't for one moment suppose anyone from HP Support will ever read this blog, but if they do, perhaps they might like to leave a comment about this?

Funnily enough, I recally ringing Sky once about a technical problem, and it took about 45 minutes to get through. When I eventually spoke to the adviser they gave me another number to ring back on if I had any further problems that would get me thorough straight away.

The absolute only reason why these sort of thing happen is to help organisations cut costs or make money. Customer service doesn't come into it, whatever they might say.

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