Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another day, another device

No not me. That nice Mr McGill over at PDA247 who gets through more devices than he does sock changes has been raving about the Treo 500. Well perhaps not raving, but certainly admiring. And he's not the only one. Murray at Palm-Mac has also bought one of these devices, and he's very particular about these things.

Although it's not a Palm OS device (sadly) Shaun (McGill) has said that the front mounted keyboard is very decent and has come to the conclusion that it's a feature that " a must have option for my personal needs". So, goodbye to his TyTn II, and various other devices then. He'll change his mind in a week or so though.

As regular readers will know, I'm with him on the keyboard issue, but I'm not so sure about Windows Mobile Standard (the non touchscreen option), or even WM generally. Nevertheless, it is tempting, and I'll be following this thread and Murray's reports of this with interest. After all. I haven't "upgraded" for almost 6 months now....

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