Sunday, January 20, 2008

8G USB drive update

My two USB drives were delivered promptly a couple of days after I ordered them. One was a 4G unit, the other 8G. The 8GB looked a little different to the one I'd ordered but an enclosed note said they'd had difficulty sourcing the original 8G drive and the delivered one was a slightly more expensive model, but they hadn't charged any more (nice of them).

There's not much to say about USB drives is there? They either work or they don't. Thankfully these did, and I've now got my 6G+ photo archive on a gadget the size of my little finger! Whizzo or what?

One of the drives comes with a password protection system, which I haven't looked at, the other with a zip file system (I wonder why they don't both come with both?). Anyway, I'm well chuffed as they're big enough to back up my key data files and small enough to hide somewhere safe. Now all I've got to do is remember where I put them......

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