Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunny Days

We've just returned from a fortnight in Puerto Pollensa in Majorca, and jolly nice it was too. Hot sunshine, cold beer and warm seas - just the thing to forget about the rat race. we've been before, in fact this is our 3rd trip to the same place. The kids loved it (it was a Thomson Superfamily hotel), the scenery is superb up in the mountains, and for me and the missus it was a nice relaxing holiday. We've only been back a day or two and have already got some brochures for next years outing. Time to start saving the pennies...
For anyone interested, our top highlights of the holiday were:
  1. The Pirates Adventure show in Magaluf - stunning acrobatics
  2. Evening horseriding at Rancho Grande in Son Serra de Marina, followed by a meal, shedloads of sangria and a chance to make a fool of yourself on the Bucking Bronco - I managed 34 secs and was only beaten into second spot by a 13 year old who managed 35 secs!
  3. The drive down to Sa Colabra - must be one of the bendiest roads on the planet - tough in a car - we met about 30 coaches coming up!
  4. The beach at Formentor - pictured - almost like being in the caribbean!

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