Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Raised beds

No, nothing to do with sleeping on stilts. I like gardening (hey it's not a crime!), and I only have a small ish garden. It was in a mess when we moved in 2 years ago - nothing but weeds and mud. It's turning around and I've got some small borders now, but nowhere to grow my veg. So I've decided that a small portion of a straggly lawn (which the kids don't play on anyway) will be given over to a raised bed. All I have to do is build it, and then away we go......Ha ha - you obviously haven't heard about my DIY skills.........

City on the up

Well, no sooner said than done. A 1-2 win at Wolves, despite their ridiculous fan ban, and then City 3 - Leicester 2. We tried to give it away in the final few minutes, but held on for the win thanks to a stunning hat trick from Michael Chopra. That's 4 in 2 games for "Chops". Maybe it's turning round for us.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

City woes

I can't understand what's happening at Cardiff City - almost 2 months at the top of the table earlier this season, and all the talk was of of Premiership action next season (I thought this might have been a tad premature I'll have you believe), and now we're 8th, although only 3 points of 4th spot. We can't win a game to save our life, and can't score to get the win. I missed our last home win against Burnley in November, which means I haven't see them win since October!

We need a bit of luck - performances have improved generally since Christmas, but currently everything's conspiring against us. I still think a play off spot is agood target. Come on you Blooobirds!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year in the Gower

You'll have seen in an earlier post about how I managed to "fry" my phone whilst away at New Year. Well, here's where we went. A small, incongruous hut right at the far end of the Gower penninsula in South West Wales, a few hundred yards from the beach. The weather was a lot worse than it looked here! The accomodation can best be described as "functional", but it served it's purpose. It' even got an outside fridge for keeping the beer cold. Oh well, okay, the outside IS the frdige!! Anyway, so long as you don't mind sleeping bags and bunks, it's fine, and all of our party who went enjoyed themselves. There's a big cooker, microwave, a log burning stove, showers, toilets (yes, all that in that little tin shed, so it can be a bit cramped), but if you don't might semi "roughing" it for a few days it's great! The hut's actually a National Trust property, known as "Gower Base Camp". It's used by the NT as a base for people who are working on NT matters in the area, but can also be hired out privately, as we did, for about a tenner a night per person. I think there were about 14 of us at the time.

It's close to Llanmadoc village, but a good 30 minute stomp from the Brittania Inn. Set amongst pine trees and sand dunes, on a huge windswept beach, it's a great place to get away from it all.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Digital Deliverance

Subsequent to my last post, I've come to understand the relief that is insurance. My very friendly and helpful insurance company, who shall remain nameless, but have the words "Liverpool" and "Victoria" in it's title, have dcereed that the damage was "accidental" and my smartphone is covered under a "new" for "old" replacement cover. This is particualrly joyous, in that my fried smartphone isn't available new any more, and so I can essentially upgrade to the latest model (in fact the new model is cheaper than the old one was anyway!). So, hopefully tomorrow, I'll be the owner of a shiny new Treo 680. Result!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Digital Disaster

Yesterday my smartphone was OK. Then I had a go on one of these games where you have to thread a loop around a twisted wire without touching the wire or BAM you get an electric shock. I got a shock. My smartphone, which was in my pocket, got fried - or at least the screen did. No I have a choice. Either try and replace the screen - minimum £50 and a bit of hope - if I can find one and if it works, or buy a new smartphone (a nice shiny new upgraded model). My heart says get a new phone, my head (or more explicitly my bank account) says go for the replacement screen.......