Sunday, April 30, 2006


The other day I was browsing the web, as you do and my mind turned to allotments as it does occasionally (saddo!) Anyway, a search for "allotments brought up a number of links, one of with was Plotholes. This Blog, is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Bupster - she of the Plotholes Blog, really should be in print (I guess she is on her Blog) and they could even make a television series out of it. Far funnier than "The Good Life". Well recommended......

Cricket lovely cricket

Today was supposed to be the first "warm up game" of the season, but our opposition couldn't raise a team. Bummer.
Anyway, we turned up and decided to play a 6/7 a-side match to get the rhythm going. Went well. Scored a few runs with my new bat (the last one having been cracked into two pieces at the last net session), bowled reasonably, took a catch and got a wicket. Bones ache a bit tonight, but hey I'm 46....Let's see how they are tomorrow. Dinas lads are a good bunch and Im looking forward to the seasom immensely

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Water water everywhere....

I'm getting more "eco" friendly in my advancing years and I decided to purchase a small (100 litre) water butt to give me water for the garden instead of racking up water charges via my water meter (not that we need to save much water in Wales - plenty to go round!).
I installed it this weeekend with one of those rain diverter thingies off my conservatory roof downpipe (the conservatory is small - only 10x8 ft. It rained "a bit" today and when i got home it was 3/4 full! That's 75 litres of water from one wet day! It must have rained more than I thought (LOL), but begs the question, why aren't water butts compulsory - especially in the SE where they have hosepipe bans even in the middle of winter because there's not enough H20 to go around. If that much rain is swishing away down drains everytime it rains it's no wonder we haven't got any water. You'd be mad not to have one. I might have to order a second one now!
Oops, if I'm not careful I'll be after an allotment next.......