Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well we lost and to a predictably under strength Arsenal side - but a side that still contained Bergkamp, Pires, van Persie and Reyes - he who falls over in a puff of wind.
The Bluebirds did us proud though, and didn't capitulate despite going 2-0 down quite early on, and played pretty well throughout. Support was massive and vocal, unlike Arsenal's. "Highbury's a library...shhhhh" was sung thoughout!
Only blot on the day was the trains. Missed out connection at Bath Spa because our original train was late, had to wait an hour for the next one. That one's arrival was delayed 20 mins for God knows what which meant we missed the first 10 mins of the match. Bugger! Should have been there by about 12, actually got into the ground at 1:13. The journey back was almost as bad - supposed to be a straight run through to Newport - it was - again via Bath though, and took amost 2:40min.
And the goverment wonders why people hate public transport?

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