Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day Match Report

Down at Ninian Park on Boxing Day, and it looked like the lads had been over-indulging the day before. Pretty it wasn't, if you'd never seen football played before you woudn't have seen it yesterday either. Once Pursey got sent off (he actually started walking before the ref got his cards out, although personally I thought a yellow was all he deserved) it was all over. It seems churlish to complain about City's performance when they're as high in the table as they are after the summer's shennanigans, but they were truly awful yesterday. It appears they have one game plan. Hoof it up high and long and hope Cameron Jerome or Michael Ricketts get onto it. Complaining visiting sides get everyone behind the ball doesn't wash either. Come on City, get the ball on the ground, get it wide (why does everyone run to the left when Rhys Weston gets it on the right?) and run at the opposition. When they do that they look good. Otherwise we look pretty poor and bereft of ideas.

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