Thursday, September 22, 2005

Web site plug - Photobox

If you use a digital camera, you've got to give Photobox a visit.
Not only can you get your own pictures put on to a rage of gifts, every time you order you are given more storage space to upload your photos to, so you can share them either privately with specific named individuals or the whole world.
Best of all though, is their customer service. In the 3 years or so I've been using them, no order has taken longer than 2 days to arrive. An excellent site, ad can't be recommended highly enough.

Bluebirds flying high - well flying anyway....Jonesy are you listening?

As I write (blog), City are unbeaten in 6 games and have won their last 3, two in the League and one in the Carling Cup. It's not pretty, and it certainly isn't like watching Brazil, but the points are coming. Imagine what we'd be like if we actually played well?
It's beyond comprehension how what seems obvious to thousands of fans isn't obvious to players and the manager.
Don't defend to deep (we mostly defend on the 6 yard line), pass to feet (don't hoof it upfield hoping someone might be there (they're all back on the 6 yard line!) and move into space. It's basic stuff - we tell our mini football team this all the time, and they (mostly listen - we'll they're only 10 and 11 years old!).
Talking of thousands of fans, it was disappointing to see less than 4,000 turn up for the Carling Cup match. OK, it was only Macclesfield, and it was a Tuesday and it was the 3rd home game in a week and City aren't playing flowing football, but hey..........


The skittles season is almost upon us (hooray)! Looking forward to dark, cold nights when we'll be inside supping large quantities of Brains finest Dark, and splashing the pins. You can of course follow the teams progress, by clicking the link on the right.

Medical update

Aortic valve replacement (pigs!), triple bypass and a radio frequency ablation. Sounds horrible. Said member of family is now discharged and recuperating (slowly) from a fairly big MOT/60,000 mile service.
My knee's OK too.....