Saturday, October 23, 2004

Family Trees and all that....

There's a new program on the telly at the moment, in which apparently famous people trace their ancestors. This is of course genealogy and many ordinary people have been doing this for years. My Dad has dabbled, and I've taken up the reigns but we've managed so far to get back only to about 1800 (and the info at that end of the scale is pretty brief). It's good fun though. Our children are apparently related to General Gordon on my wife's side. here's loads of resources on the 'net to help, including this one - Genes Reunited which is well worth a go - you never know what you might find.....

Saturday, October 16, 2004

City musings

We see City win for the first time at home as they beat Rotherham 2-0 (we missed the vistory against Coventry). It was a poor game - the two sides propping up the "Championship" - and it showed! At least City were the better of two poor sides. Gary O'Neil, England U21 captain on loan from Portsmouth is a class above the rest of the City players. Peter "Magic Hat" Thorne got the two goals that lifted us out of the relegation places. Verdict - a must win game that we di, but must do better. C'mon City!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


How did I come to end up as a middle manager behind a desk? Not sure - it's a long and convoluted story. What I'd really like to have done in life is be an explorer, and adventurer in the Michael Palin mould. His treks (Pole to Pole, Sahara et al) are fascinating, and take you places that you probably didn't even know existed - (yes, yes I know the Poles exist) - and if you did, probably would never get to see. His latest, Himalaya, had a brilliant opening programme that made me want to up sticks and be there right then (though my gammy bones might complain!) Of course there are a couple of problems. 1) I'm not an ex-Monty Python start in league with the BBC (I don't suppose they think "Here's a great wheeze, I'll bet that Simon Hiscocks is up for this..) and 2) you don't see ads in the paper saying "Explorer wanted". Still, I can always watch the programmes, read the books and pretend I was there. Still like to see more of the world though...

What's the fun in DIY?

I hate DIY. I'd love to love it, it's just that I'm not very good at it. Never a very practical person, I'm just not cut out for gutting a house and rebuilding it - or even painting or hanging wallpaper. I can attempt it of course, but therein lies the problem. The finished product looks like I've "attempted" it. I've got stories of flat pack wardrobes that fall to pieces half way through building, screws through central heating pipes and more. I take the lead from my elder brother Terry, who's a dab hand at anything requiring tools, patience and a degree of skill but who's motto is "Never use a screw where a nail will do"!
Now though, I'm in the middle of redecorating my son's room and laying a new carpet in my daughter's room. Why? "Call a man in to do it" said my good lady. First, can you find one you can trust that's not a cowboy? Possible. Is he free and able to do it? Er, not until next February/March mate, I'm rather busy...." Bugger. And then there's the dining room, kitchen and stairs/hall to do as well.....that's my autumn gone!

Friday, October 01, 2004

City musings

Big game tomorrow. Leeds at home. The last time we played Leeds..ah remember? FA Cup City ran out 2-1 winners with "that" goal by Scott Young. Leeds were top of the Premiership that day and we were in Div. 2. Now we're both in the "Championship" and whilst Leeds aren't the team they used to be, they're above us and we're in desperate need of a win. I'll be there with James........."C'mon City!"

Creaking Bones

Getting old is a perception. It happens to all of us, yet some hack it far better than others. Take me. I'm 45 in a month and there are days when I feel 85 going on 90. It's my bones you see - they're knackered. Im waiting for an arthroscopy on my knee (that's keyhole surgery to the uninitiated) where they'll peek in and tell me the knee's buggered. I know that already because of the pain and swelling, - but they'll tell me just how bad! Then there's my feet. Apparently, though not convincingly related to my knee is virtually constant foot ache/pain. It's bad enough that I have to take regular painkillers and I've tried different types of "miracle cure" insoles (all to no avail). Walking down the stairs in the morning is an art form in itself. Personally I reckon it's arthritis, inherited from my dear old Mum [ see previous post] (are you listening Mum?!). I eventually gave in and went to the quack's today. He showed a certain degree of indifference to my plight and signed me up for enough blood tests that I'm going to have to give an armful on Monday. I'll let you know how I get on......