Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Gadget freak or anorak?

I admit it - I'm a sucker for gadgets, gizmos, boys toys, whatever you'd like to call them. If it's small, mostly shiny, and induces one of two responses - "Wow!" or "Haven't you got as life?" it's for me.

My latest acquistion is a bluetooth headset for my new mobile phone - you know, one of those things that stick in your ear like something Luitenant Uhura on Star Trek used to have (only smaller and more shiny) that allows you to make hands free calls fom your phone. It's brilliant when you're in the car - I just say "Anne" and "mobile" and it rings my wife! Obviously, you look like a real prat if you try this in the local Tesco's, and beside small children point at you and laugh!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Porthclais Harbour, near St Davids, Pembrokeshire Posted by Hello

My favourite place

Have just returned from another couple of days down in Pembrokeshire - we went down to my Dad's caravan and spent a lovely couple of days walking and surfing - Bethan, our 7 year old daughter is a real surfer girl - looks great in her black & bright yelloe wetsuit splashing about with her surfboard. James at 9 is a bit more reticent - prefers football!
Did a couple of nice walks and saw seals and Merlins. Oh for a lottery win that would let me retire there immediately

Dinas Powys website

It's nice when the internet chucks up something close to home. Recently online is a new website dedicated to my home "village" Dinas Powys. It's early days yet, and information is rather limited, but hopefully it'll take off - I think it's great and have already added my three 'pennorth including getting Trev the webmaster to add a skittles link and using the discussion board for a moan about the traffic in "Dinky Poo" as those in the know call it!
Find it here: http://www.dinaspowys.co.uk

City musings

What's going on at Ninian Park? 3rd from bottom, can't win to save our lives and now we've sold our most prolific goalscorer "Earnie" to West Brom! Things better start looking up, or else Lennie will be on his way.....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Cardiff City vs SS Lazio

Went down the City last night for their pre-season friendly against S.S. Lazio!
Good game - City could have, and arguably should have won, but in the end went down 2-3 after new goalkeeper signing Tony Warner could only parry the ball into the net for Lazio's 3rd - won't have done his confidence much good, and won't have endeared him to the City fans too much either methinks.
Still, only a friendly - the real action starts this Staurday against Crewe - the Gresty Road boys. I went to gresty Road once, but that's another story - "Cowshed, cowshed, give us a song...."