Monday, November 29, 2004

Bah Humbug!

Blimey. Only 4 weeks to Christmas. What happened to 2004? Tempus Fugit and all that......anyway......'Tis the season to be jolly. Well it would be nice to be jolly, but frankly why? City are struggling at the bottom of the Championship; work's well - work and ridiculously busy with it; I haven't won the lottery; my bones ache; and much as I'd like to have faith (of any sort), it's getting harder to see past the world's general materialistic view of the festive season - spend money we haven't got on things no-one wants by the New Year, eat (a lot), drink (even more) and be merry (or at least have a stinking hangover on Boxing Day), and then it's all back to normal - well was that it? Bah, Humbug!
Actually it is fun, and I do like it.......

Monday, November 15, 2004

Reading away

Oh, what fun it is to see City win away! But they didn't. Took my son to his first away match as City took on Reading at the Majedski Stadium. City played like they couldn't be bothered and lost 2-1. At least the sun shone, thought the Majedski has to be the coldest staidum I've ever been to.

We had a lovely police escort - all the way home - well from Reading to Newport to be precise. Now there were +/- 30 coaches, and City's following doesn't have the best of reputations (unfairly I'd say), but to have an all lights flashing escort ALL the way home, blocking every junction exit seemed a bit OTT and must have cost an arm and a leg. I didn't see any trouble of any description, so not sure what was going on there.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Family Trees and all that....

There's a new program on the telly at the moment, in which apparently famous people trace their ancestors. This is of course genealogy and many ordinary people have been doing this for years. My Dad has dabbled, and I've taken up the reigns but we've managed so far to get back only to about 1800 (and the info at that end of the scale is pretty brief). It's good fun though. Our children are apparently related to General Gordon on my wife's side. here's loads of resources on the 'net to help, including this one - Genes Reunited which is well worth a go - you never know what you might find.....

Saturday, October 16, 2004

City musings

We see City win for the first time at home as they beat Rotherham 2-0 (we missed the vistory against Coventry). It was a poor game - the two sides propping up the "Championship" - and it showed! At least City were the better of two poor sides. Gary O'Neil, England U21 captain on loan from Portsmouth is a class above the rest of the City players. Peter "Magic Hat" Thorne got the two goals that lifted us out of the relegation places. Verdict - a must win game that we di, but must do better. C'mon City!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


How did I come to end up as a middle manager behind a desk? Not sure - it's a long and convoluted story. What I'd really like to have done in life is be an explorer, and adventurer in the Michael Palin mould. His treks (Pole to Pole, Sahara et al) are fascinating, and take you places that you probably didn't even know existed - (yes, yes I know the Poles exist) - and if you did, probably would never get to see. His latest, Himalaya, had a brilliant opening programme that made me want to up sticks and be there right then (though my gammy bones might complain!) Of course there are a couple of problems. 1) I'm not an ex-Monty Python start in league with the BBC (I don't suppose they think "Here's a great wheeze, I'll bet that Simon Hiscocks is up for this..) and 2) you don't see ads in the paper saying "Explorer wanted". Still, I can always watch the programmes, read the books and pretend I was there. Still like to see more of the world though...

What's the fun in DIY?

I hate DIY. I'd love to love it, it's just that I'm not very good at it. Never a very practical person, I'm just not cut out for gutting a house and rebuilding it - or even painting or hanging wallpaper. I can attempt it of course, but therein lies the problem. The finished product looks like I've "attempted" it. I've got stories of flat pack wardrobes that fall to pieces half way through building, screws through central heating pipes and more. I take the lead from my elder brother Terry, who's a dab hand at anything requiring tools, patience and a degree of skill but who's motto is "Never use a screw where a nail will do"!
Now though, I'm in the middle of redecorating my son's room and laying a new carpet in my daughter's room. Why? "Call a man in to do it" said my good lady. First, can you find one you can trust that's not a cowboy? Possible. Is he free and able to do it? Er, not until next February/March mate, I'm rather busy...." Bugger. And then there's the dining room, kitchen and stairs/hall to do as well.....that's my autumn gone!

Friday, October 01, 2004

City musings

Big game tomorrow. Leeds at home. The last time we played Leeds..ah remember? FA Cup City ran out 2-1 winners with "that" goal by Scott Young. Leeds were top of the Premiership that day and we were in Div. 2. Now we're both in the "Championship" and whilst Leeds aren't the team they used to be, they're above us and we're in desperate need of a win. I'll be there with James........."C'mon City!"

Creaking Bones

Getting old is a perception. It happens to all of us, yet some hack it far better than others. Take me. I'm 45 in a month and there are days when I feel 85 going on 90. It's my bones you see - they're knackered. Im waiting for an arthroscopy on my knee (that's keyhole surgery to the uninitiated) where they'll peek in and tell me the knee's buggered. I know that already because of the pain and swelling, - but they'll tell me just how bad! Then there's my feet. Apparently, though not convincingly related to my knee is virtually constant foot ache/pain. It's bad enough that I have to take regular painkillers and I've tried different types of "miracle cure" insoles (all to no avail). Walking down the stairs in the morning is an art form in itself. Personally I reckon it's arthritis, inherited from my dear old Mum [ see previous post] (are you listening Mum?!). I eventually gave in and went to the quack's today. He showed a certain degree of indifference to my plight and signed me up for enough blood tests that I'm going to have to give an armful on Monday. I'll let you know how I get on......

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well Number FCN15-TW42-10

When our Mum died a couple of years ago, we thought we'd do something a little different to the standard bench "in memory of...". Through some friends my father arranged for donations to go to the "Friendship Clinic" in Nepal, a charity set up to help people in remote parts of Nepal by providing medical assistance and, importantly wells to provide clean drinking water.
And so, Well Number FCN15-TW42-10, officially registered as "Kit Hiscocks" is now supplying fresh water in a village in Nepal. It's certainly different, and very certainly worthwhile. More information on the project can be found via their website which is Friendship Clinic

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Love them or hate them? I've got a pal who's a train freak - I'm not convinced he stands on the end of railway station platforms with a notebook and a flask (you know who you are!), but he is train mad. I find them interesting occasionally, but I just hate travelling on the things. I peridocally go to London in the course of my work, and I hate the 2 hour journey (if you're lucky) with a vengeance. They are always either hot/cold/late (never early), filthy, full of people using mobiles with that awful nokia ring tone...bah, humbug.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Gadget freak or anorak?

I admit it - I'm a sucker for gadgets, gizmos, boys toys, whatever you'd like to call them. If it's small, mostly shiny, and induces one of two responses - "Wow!" or "Haven't you got as life?" it's for me.

My latest acquistion is a bluetooth headset for my new mobile phone - you know, one of those things that stick in your ear like something Luitenant Uhura on Star Trek used to have (only smaller and more shiny) that allows you to make hands free calls fom your phone. It's brilliant when you're in the car - I just say "Anne" and "mobile" and it rings my wife! Obviously, you look like a real prat if you try this in the local Tesco's, and beside small children point at you and laugh!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Porthclais Harbour, near St Davids, Pembrokeshire Posted by Hello

My favourite place

Have just returned from another couple of days down in Pembrokeshire - we went down to my Dad's caravan and spent a lovely couple of days walking and surfing - Bethan, our 7 year old daughter is a real surfer girl - looks great in her black & bright yelloe wetsuit splashing about with her surfboard. James at 9 is a bit more reticent - prefers football!
Did a couple of nice walks and saw seals and Merlins. Oh for a lottery win that would let me retire there immediately

Dinas Powys website

It's nice when the internet chucks up something close to home. Recently online is a new website dedicated to my home "village" Dinas Powys. It's early days yet, and information is rather limited, but hopefully it'll take off - I think it's great and have already added my three 'pennorth including getting Trev the webmaster to add a skittles link and using the discussion board for a moan about the traffic in "Dinky Poo" as those in the know call it!
Find it here:

City musings

What's going on at Ninian Park? 3rd from bottom, can't win to save our lives and now we've sold our most prolific goalscorer "Earnie" to West Brom! Things better start looking up, or else Lennie will be on his way.....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Cardiff City vs SS Lazio

Went down the City last night for their pre-season friendly against S.S. Lazio!
Good game - City could have, and arguably should have won, but in the end went down 2-3 after new goalkeeper signing Tony Warner could only parry the ball into the net for Lazio's 3rd - won't have done his confidence much good, and won't have endeared him to the City fans too much either methinks.
Still, only a friendly - the real action starts this Staurday against Crewe - the Gresty Road boys. I went to gresty Road once, but that's another story - "Cowshed, cowshed, give us a song...."

Friday, July 23, 2004

Physical wreck

You can tell you're getting old when knocks, bumps and bruises just don't go away like they used to. This week, not only am I suffering with at least heavily bruised little finger and thumb on my right hand from cricket knocks, but my dodgy knee (also a legacy of cricket - 25 years bowling) has swollen like a balloon. I'm waiting for surgery on it which the 'doc reckons should happen within the next 12 months - until then I'll just have to limp.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Well then - what about this Picasa photo organising software available via Google? Well, I thought I'd give it a go as I've loads of digital photo's that are getting more and more messy to keep track of. About 2 minutes after installing this piece of software I was hooked! It's brilliant, and considering it's free as well, it'd be stupid not to give it a go. It's better than any other photo album/organising software I've tried so far, and it does all the hard work for you. All you've really got to do is give your files/folders a decent name that indicates what's in there e.g. "Sport". You don't have to but it helps. I love this software, and would recommend it to anyone - and no - here's no kick backs for me.....
Picasa home

Monday, July 19, 2004

I don't like cricket - I love it!

Great day yesterday, as the Tavs beat Tintern, but on a more satisfying personal note I hit 148 not out - my personal best and a new club record - read all about this and the Tavs at Heath Taverners online

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Tavs on Tour

Over the weekend of 10th/11th July, the Tavs enjoyed a short tour to the South West. A short trip down the M5 in some fairly hefty weather was eased by some cans of beer and a few Pogues and Tom Jones songs, plus a tricky quiz lifted by Smiffie( see later) off the 'net.
Arriving at the "Rainbow Hotel" Torquay we quickly booked in and set off in search of more beer. Tricky....Torquay (or perhaps more properly Torbay) has no proper Pubs - at least none we could find. Plenty of noisy bars but no real Pubs. Settling for a mock Irish bar we downed several pints of the black gold (Spider & Billy Bach stuck to coke obviously). By this time Smiffie was getting seriously *iss**d off at being called Smiffie (from the John Smiths advert) so we obviously kept at it!
The following morning we all pitched and putted, with Statto leading the way with a fine 32 for 9 holes. Off to the first match where in competition with the local school fayre we played Harptree CC. They batted first and scored 202. We batted second and didn't. To be fair a magnificent double innings (he retired once) of 93* by the skipper saw us needing just 6 off the last ball but it wasn't to be. The defeat was made more bearable by the opposition being a thoroughly good bunch, plus having several pints of Bass at the Drum in Cockington. Back to the hotel and a quick turnaround for more beer and a great curry (for those that can remember by that time).
Next morning those that were able took to the pitch & putt again, this time Slasher holing out with 29. By now Smiffie had become "The cricketer formerly known as Smiffie", and he even smiled a bit.
On to the second match just outside Exeter at Tedburn St Mary. We batted first as Slash had to leg it at 4pm. Going at over 8 an over with Statto the match looked in safe hands, but 121-2 suddenly became 128 all out (beer telling by now?) Smiffie, was by this time known as "Fido" (Logic as follows....."Smiffie" becomes "The cricketer formerly known as Smiffie" becomes (obviously) "Prince" which is a dog's name, as is "Fido"). Anyway, they knocked the runs off for 1 wicket, so we went for some more beer. Then we came home. Great weekend - Thanks to Fido for setting it all up.

Quote of the tour - in response to a quiz question Fido said "the answer is one word - The End"

Champagne moment - Slasher's amazing catch off his own bowling against Harptree

Tour Photos

Monday, June 28, 2004

Great web sites

If you're a sucker for dodgy web sites, how about these two!
Heath Taverners Cricket Club is my cricket club's site. I need tell you no more than to have a rummage through this to assess how good (or bad) you think we are! is an even more dodgy site, paying homage to the skittles team I play for here in deepest South Wales. We're all Cardiff City fans to boot as well, and take both our skittles and our football very seriously - well, the football anyway!

A more cultured site is the Chepstow Male Voice Choir website, new this spring. I was asked to do this, 'cause my Dad sings in it! It's a little more refined than the other two sites.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Why "The Lentil"?

For those of you not familiar with the Hiscocks Family Newsletter (several billion of you I guess), the Family Newsletter started out under a range of alternative names - each issue had a different, witty (well it was supposed to be witty) title. Then, for some now lost reason, it evolved into "The Diddly", and remained so for a couple of years. However, on the birth of my youngest (currently) niece my nephew derived "The Lentil" from her given name, which is Eleanor Tilly. This seemmed rather clever for a (then) 9 year old, and as I was in mid issue production of the latest tome, I used it, and it stuck - so there you have it.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Disney Trip May 2004

You can read all about our recent trip to Disney World in Florida here too - the first link will take you to our trip report on the DIBB bulletin boards - please note you'll need to register with the DIBB first, but it's not too painful. The DIBB is also an invaluable resource for anyone planning a trip to Disney World in Florida.

The second link will take you to where you'll be able to see all our photos! (again you'll have to register first). Photobox is one of my favourite sites, and if you've got a digital camera, then bookmarking this site is a must.


Trip Report
Our Disney photos

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm doing this in my own time -honest!

Now I've set the time zone properly, you should be able to see that I'm doing this in my own time, and not at work!

England to beat Portugal?

Roonmania - come on Engerland!

Maybe - hopefully, tough after 24 years of living in Wales, being married to a Cardiff lass, and having two children that are Welsh, means that I suppose I'm as Welsh, if not more so than English....

Iechyd Da!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Lentil online?

Here's a thought - rather than going to the trouble of publishing an occasional family newsletter, why not put the whole damn thing online in a "Blog" (weblog). Selected invited individuals can post, it's here for eternity (or at least until the webfalls over) and to boot it's free (relatively).
What do you think?