Sunday, July 14, 2013

Orlando 2013 - days 1 and 2

Got to Gatwick in plenty of time, and did the usual mooching around and had a bite to eat before being called for boarding. We were on a Boeing 747 and seated in "the bubble" (upstairs). I have to say the flight was probably one of the best I've ever made. Very comfortable, good service from the Virgin cabin staff and loads of choices on the in flight entertainment. I watched two films, "Reacher" and "Olympus has Fallen". Flight time was a relatively quick 8 hours and we landed at 4.40pm Florida time.
Immigration was a pain (it always is), and there's a quite frankly pointless secondary inspection point once through main immigration. Once through it was on to the Alamo garage to pick the car up, a relatively painless exercise having done everything online before leaving. The biggest hassle was choosing the car - went for a red Chevy Impala in the end.
Straightforward drive to the villa, where the problems of the new owner handover reared their head again as the provided key code didn't work. Quick call sorted that once we remember how to call an American number on a UK phone, and we were in.
Once rooms divvied up a quick trip to the local Publix saw us stocked up for at least one night. Went to bed about 9.30pm, but in reality it was 2.30am UK time!
Up with the lark at 7am (was actually awake at 5am) and after getting ready we drove to Seaworld for "rope drop". We all love SW, having been there probably 5-6 times before. Had a great day on the coasters (Manta and Kraken), and the fantastic dolphin and Killer whale shows, as well as loads else. We all agreed though that the new Antarctic attraction was pretty disappointing. Big ques and not much substance (in our opinion).
Has been very hot, sunny at times but also very humid. Going out for tea later, and probably going to Universal tomorrow.

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