Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Promised Land

Surely Cardiff City can't chuck it away now? 9 games left in the Championship season, and City sit top of the pack, 7 points clear and more importantly 9 points clear of third and with a game in hand.

So often the "nearly men" in the last few seasons, it looks like the Bluebirds are finally going to make it to the promised land of the Premiership. And without wanting to count my chickens, it looks like years of aspiration will finally come to fruition.

Statistics rarely lie over the course of a marathon season, and City have ground out the points they need to sit at the head of the division. "Ground out" is the key here. City have, few games apart set the league apart with their fantasy football, but what they have had this year is strength and depth that's been lacking in seasons past.

So many times in the past we've looked at the bench on match days and thought there's no-one there who's going to change a game. This year, we've been bemoaning how such quality players as Kim, Mason, Helguson, even Bellamy at times, haven't been in the starting line up.

It's not over of course until the fat lady sings, but surely she's at least clearing her throat?

Up the City

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

White Focus Man

To the gentleman in the white 62 plate Ford Focus who was driving (and I use that term very loosely) behind me on the M4 westbound between junctions 30 and 33 tonight at about 5.15pm.

Firstly an acknowledgement. I was probably going faster than I needed to, but the traffic was moving at speed anyway. My car is in good order, and I've got new rubber on all 4 wheels.

Secondly, you're an imbecile.

If you remember, the road conditions weren't great. Misty rain and heavy traffic at rush hour don't make a great combination. You'll remember when you came up behind me I was in the outside lane with heavy traffic in front. Naturally, I was keeping a safe distance from the car in front as always, but especially mindful of the poor conditions. You're normally taught this when you learn to drive, but perhaps you missed that lesson.

For your information, as you may have forgotten this, the safe stopping distance (in the dry) at 70mph is about 315ft or 24 car lengths, not the 1-2 car lengths you were behind me. But hey, you're probably immune to this and can stop on a sixpence.

Intermittent braking from the traffic in front made life harder, and with two busy sections (the J32 off slip and the on slip the other side of the interchange) it was appropriate for me to stay in the outside lane as I was going faster than the traffic on the inside lanes. It would have been hard to go inside anyway as no one was leaving any space, but you probably didn't notice that being too busy abusing me.

So I kept pace with the traffic in front of me (plus my safe stopping distance). However, you clearly thought this was highly inappropriate behaviour from me given that:

  1. The fact I was leaving enough safe stopping distance meant other cars were nipping into that space 
  2. You were rarely more than two car lengths from my back bumper
  3. The "wanker" signs you were gesticulating through your windscreen at me as you hunched over your steering wheel.
So when the opportunity finally arose, I pulled into the middle lane, and let you past, whereupon you then raced up to within about 6 feet of the car that had been in front of me, and presumably started the process all over again.

Your complete an utter disregard for the safety of the way you drive clearly makes you a class A bellend. Much though it pains me to say it though, I just hope you're not enough of a bellend to have ended up bonnet deep in someone else's boot. It would have damaged their car.

People like you shouldn't be allowed on the road.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

City 1 - 1 Derby

A few things stood out for me tonight.

1. City were awful for most of the 90. They could hardly string three passes together, they gave the ball away, and they hoofed it rather than playing on the floor.

2. Derby were poor. But our failings made them look good.

3. The officials, and particularly the ref, were abysmal. Some of his decisions (both ways) were beyond belief.

4. The atmosphere was terrible part from a few minutes at the end when City finally found some urgency.

5. The red in the stadium had all but disappeared tonight

On the plus side, we're still top, we're five points clear with a game in hand. hat games comes next Tuesday, and we could really do with a confidence booster against Leicester. Hudson should be back which is a relief. The back four look very shaky without him. Bellamy will hopefully be back. We missed his energy and work rate tonight. I'd also consider playing Kimbo. Whitts is far of the form we know he can have, and we could do with a bit of craft and guile there. I can't see Malky dropping Whitts, so harsh though it might be, I'd probably leave Gunnar out. But I'm not the manager, and we'll see what transpires.

We need a win though. Watford's great run is continuing, and Hull are sure to bounce back. Palace are getting back into it. We have to keep believing and just do better than everyone else. It doesn't have to be pretty (though it helps). It's results that count. Come on City!


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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Boro 2 - 1 City

I had a bad feeling about today, and so it proved, with City going down 2-1 at the Riverside. We're still 5 points ahead with a game in hand, which ordinarily should be something to be cheery about, but i get the jitters easily. It's going to be a big game on Tuesday against Derby.

I only caught brief updates via the radio and Twitter as I've been out and about a lot today, but it sounded like all the damage was done early with some poor defending. Hudson out was a big miss, so we need him back asap.

On the positive side it sounds as though we were far better in the second half, and battered them towards the end doing all but score, but it's scoring that counts, not the pressure or chances.

Onwards and upwards. Still top. Still clear. One game less to go.