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Cardiff City Player Ratings 2010/11

So, as is customary from me at the end of the season, here are my player ratings for the team. As usual, I've only rated those who I think have played enough, or whom I have a particular comment on. These are wholly and unapologetically subjective, based mostly on what 've seen from the Grange End, heard on the radio or watched on TV and I'm happy for you to argue differently.

There are no rights, no wrongs, just opinions, and these are mine.

David Marshall (Keeper) 7/10
I thought Marshall started well, but he made a few errors, Heaton (who I think a better all round keep) got in, and then when his chance should have come again he's suffered injuries. Not the No1 in my opinion, but solid - most of the time

Kevin McNaughton (Defender) 9/10
Nauts is my player of the season. He always gives 100%, will play anywhere he's put and runs forever. A couple of bloopers here and there, but a truly fantastic season. He'll be devastated.

Lee Naylor (Defender) 4/10
I think Naylor is one of the worst acquisitions City have made in recent years. He's OK going forward, but awful defensively (not good for a defender). The crowd know it, and sadly opposition managers know it too.

Gavin Rae (Midfielder) 5/10
I don't know why Jones hasn't used Rae more. City have looked lightweight in midfield on occasions. Rae won't set the world alight, but he's reliable.

Mark Hudson (Defender) 8.5/10
A contender for my player of the season. Started so slowly (literally and metaphorically) but grew into the role and was immense in 2nd half of season until injury. Why he was on bench in run in and not on field is one of life's mysteries.

Gabor Gyepes (Defender) 6/10
Had a great first season with City, but has become a shadow of that player. Too many errors and too slow.

Peter Whittingham (Midfielder) 7/10
Whitts, oh Whitts. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes absent without leave. Another decent goal return, and occasionally sublime, but should control games more. Goal of the season for me.

Michael Chopra (Striker) 7/10
I'd start Chops every time, but clearly Jones doesn't want to. Not enough goals, but not enough starts.

Jay Bothroyd (Striker) 8/10
The ultimate enigma. So much talent, but too much belief (or arrogance) that he can do it on his own, and that he's always being picked on (he will be - he's big and good). If he spent more time on his feet than his arse, he'd be brilliant. Looked as though he couldn't are less a bit too much for me at times. Cheers Jay, don't expect you to be here next term.

Stephen McPhail (Midfielder) 7/10
I was one of Macca's biggest critics a couple of seasons ago, but how we miss him when he's not there, providing control in the middle. Sometimes he even plays a forward pass these days.

Chris Burke (Midfielder) 7/10
Can be devastating when he runs at defenders with pace, but 1) doesn't get the ball often enough, 2) leave the ball behind too often, 3) can't shoot for toffee. Struggled compared to last season.

Dekel Kienan (Defender) 7/10
Came from Blackpool and immediately instilled some calm and control into central defence. Looked good, always a threat at attacking corners for us, but last few games has looked suspect. Like to see him with Hudson next year.

Paul Quinn (Defender) 7/10
Another one I dissed early in his City career, but fair play he's knuckled down, and generally performed well. Occasionally a bit too panicky for me.

Jon Parkin (Striker) 6/10
"The Beast". Entered City folklore with a stunning goal on debut, but done nothing since. Bought as an impact player, he hasn't made one.

Jason Koumas (Midfielder) 6/10
Already a City legend, so 6/10 might seem harsh. Hasn't played that much and bar those couple of goals late v Doncaster, hasn't shown anything like the form of his previous stay with us.

Seyi Olifanjana (Midfield) 7/10
The big man brought in as the midfield enforcer, has had some great games. But he's had some pretty average ones too. Like many players, too much inconsistency. Wins the ball well but then gives it away far too easily.

Tom Heaton (Keeper) 8/10
I think Heaton is my preferred keeper. Not as big as Marshall, but a better all round stopper. Glad we bought him, and hope we keep him (and keep him fit).

Darcy Blake (Defender) 7/10
Poshest name in the squad. Good utility player, and perhaps suffers as a result. May be more of a regular next term, depending on departures.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (Midfielder) 5/10
A real disappointment for me. On loan from Arsenal, and came with a big reputation. Showed flashes of brilliance, but looks one of lazy or unfit to me. Big name, big reputation, big disappointment.

Adam Matthews (Defender) 5/10
Must have really pissed DJ off with "that" OG against Ipswich. Cracking talent, warming the bench.

Aaron Ramsey (Midfielder) 8.5/10
Outstanding in his time back with us, showed us what a class player truly is. Ran the midfield, and we looked so much better with him there. We need a class midfielder like him next season for sure.

Craig Bellamy (Striker) 8.5/10
On a hiding to nothing. Either brings Premiership quality, or risks being dragged down to average Championship player level. Mostly brought the former, occasionally the latter. Certainly brought desire and passion. Some cracking goals. Very eloquent and honest for a footballer in his interviews He'll be absolutely gutted. Says he wants to stay. Not sure if he will now we haven't gone up. If he does great. I don't expect it.

Stephen Bywater (Keeper) 4/10
Sorry just don't rate him. Kicking dreadful, decision making awful, just poor. Priceless interviews though.

JLloyd Samuel (Defender) 6/10
Another Premiership loanee past his best. Backs off to much for me. Decent long throw, but that's not why we got him (I hope).

And finally.....

Dave Jones (Manager) 7/10
Oh how I struggled with this score. On the plus side, we got to the playoffs (again). But, and it's a big but, we failed again. He says it's a decent return. I can't imagine when Dato Chan Ten Gee said after the final last year Arnie like, "we'll be back" that he imagined anything except a promotion to the Premiership. Jones says we've got better year on year and so we have. But QPR, have been in the Championship less time than us and gone up, and Norwich have had back to back promotions - and IF the Jacks go up, it'll be in less time than we've been in this division. There is no doubt that we had the resources to go up this year, and therefore, for me it's a fail. I couldn't score less, because 4th is after all 4th. Might have been 8/10 for 3rd, but would have been 10/10 for automatic.
It's a hard life.

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