Sunday, January 02, 2011

Beast. Anyone else? Jones to stay or go?

So it's a done deal. "Big" John Parkin, known as the "Beast" in some parts in now a Bluebird after his transfer from Preston North End. I've taken the mick out of him before because of his size, but he's ours now, and I think he's got the chance to become a cult hero at the CCS.

He's a big, big lad, but Dave Jones obviously sees something in him. Mind you he also saw something in Warren Feeney, Solomon Taiwo, Iwan Redan, Malvin Kamara and a few others who never made the grade at City.

He's always caused City some discomfort when we've played against him, and whilst he won't win any 100 yard sprints, there aren't that many occasions to be fair when you need your striker to win a 100 yard race. So long as he's as quick over 10-20 yards that's probably good enough. And finally, we have someone else other than Jay Bothroyd to fill that "target man" role.

News on other signings is fairly quiet. All the hoo-ha about James Vaughan, which appeared done and dusted a couple of days ago has gone silent, and the other person who's actually been named with some truth about it, Andy O'Brien has secured his future at Tuesday's opponents Leeds. For the moment then, we wait with bated breath of news of other signings. Given Jones has been talking for what seems like months about another "four or five players coming in, we should see at least three more.

And what of Dave Jones? The various Bluebirds message boards are going into meltdown with rumours of his impending demise, although to be fair there still seems to be a fair amount of support for him as well. If not wholehearted praise, at least along the lines of "who's going to do any better"? And it's hard to see the owners sacking Jones after giving him money to bring new players in. Surely if they were going to ditch him, they'd have done it before Christmas, and give a new man the pot of gold?

We'll see. Leeds visit to the CCS on Tuesday night is clearly a massive, massive game. It's massive becase we desperately need three points. It's massive because we've been so awful recently, but especially in the last two games. It's massive for Dave Jones because despite what I've said above, another poor result could push the owners to the point of sacking Jones - and make no mistake, the fans will let everyone know if they think the performance is poor.

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