Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Is Koumas a Bluebird - again?

Reports are coming in that Jason Koumas, of the borough of Wigan is close to returning on loan to Cardiff City.

As is usual at this time as a City supporter, don't think this is a done deal. te transfer embargo placed on us for failure to submit end of year accounts isn't quite resolved (though rumours suggest it has been sorted), and until everything is tickety boo, I for one won't believe anything for certain.

If this is true though, I'd be very happy. Koumas is another of those players who many managers fail to get the best out of, but in his spell with the Bluebirds he looked every inch the class player he undoubtedly is, even at 30. Given a straight choice between him and departed City hero Joe Ledley, frankly I think I'd go for Koumas every time.

Let's hope this is true, and more importantly, let's hope it's sorted in time for Sunday's Championship opener vs the Blades.

Up the City!

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