Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raoul Moat - the reaction

I'm all for law and order. And I'm all for things being done properly. But I can't understand why this case has generated so much negativity around the police handling of the case and subsequent "end game" (not a game I know - figure of speech) where this man took his own life but where the police are being set up as the baddies. They didn't do this, they didn't do that, they used the "wrong" tasers which are unauthorised by the Home Office, they fired them at the wrong time etc etc.

Let's face it, this man was not a nice bloke. Arrested 12 times, just out of prison, shot and killed a man. Let me repeat that. Shot and killed a man. And shot a policeman. Known to have been abusive and aggressive. Armed and extremely dangerous. Not the sort of bloke you want to meet. Cut the authorities some slack. They're doing their job.

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