Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Downgrading iOS4 to OS3.1

o go back an OS version (or two)Happy as I am with my iPhone 4, my 3G handset is really struggling with the upgrade to iOS4. As my son will be using this, (lucky him), I decided to try and downgrade the OS back to v3.x. This isn't straightforward. Apple in it's wisdom believes the only way is up, and doesn't offer an easy or obvious way two.

However, following (carefully) the steps on this site I managed to do it first time (well, OK second after I had failed to read the "Read-me" text file in the Recboot zip properly and fully the first time.).

It was painless and took only about 10 mins to end up with a virgin iPhone 3G running version 3.x, and it feels a lot snappier for it.

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