Monday, May 31, 2010

Bellamy for City?

Here's one rumour that just won't go away. Craif Bellamy, servant of the parish of Manchester City, bit being widely speculated on a move to Cardiff City. How much truth is there to this rumour? Why would Bellamy, a premier league star want to drop a level (and no doubt take a huge hit on wages) to play for City?

Well for one, it's his home town club. For two, he can't command a regular place at The City of Manchester Stadium. For three, (and linked to two) he apparently doesn't get on that well with the City management. For four, his family are still based just outside Cardiff and he regularly commutes back and forth, a strain on anyone. For five, the Bluebirds need a "feel good" factor and strong indication that they really want to push and build on this years success (and ultimate disappointment).

So waht do you reckon? Will we see Craigo at the CCS next season? The jury's out, but it's not impossible by a long way. I only have one question.

When we're so shite in defence, why are we looking to sign another striker?

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