Sunday, January 24, 2010

City to take on Chelsea in FA Cup

In the FA Cup, if you're not in the Premier League you want one of three things in a draw.
  1. An "easy" tie to progress to the next round (if there's such a thing as an easy tie these days), and preferably
  2. A home tie, or failing that,
  3. One of the "Big" clubs
Well today, we didn't get 1 or 2, but we did get 3, with a tasty away tie at Stamford Bridge in the fifth round. They don't get any bigger than this, and it's going to be a hell of a day out. Me & Mini will endeavour to get tickets, but it's not yet clear how they'll be allocated.

As an "Ambassador" Season Ticket holder, that is someone foolish enough to pay for season tickets about 6 months in adavance, I should be in with a shout, but City have sold over 14,000 season tickets this year. The other thing in our favour based on the way it's worked historically, is that we attended both the 3rd round replay and yesterday's 4th round win over Leicester. Whether that means anything in the long run, who knows, but here's hoping.

C'mon you Blooobirds!

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