Saturday, October 24, 2009

XP to Windows 7 latest

OK - Hurrah! Got a working XP box again.

Now to install W7.

Have to download Win XP Service Pack 2 before the upgrade will run. :-(

Running, but the upgrade adviser has to download (8mb) followed by .Net framework (another 22mb download (thank God for broadband).

I should have just skipped the Adviser, but I thought I'd see what it has to say about my aging XP box.

The computer says......"Yes"!!!!!, although it did point out that I've only go 512mb RAM and it needs 1GB to run "optimally". Bugger. I though it wasn't running very fast LOL!!! I though ti had more than that in there - older than I thought!

No worries, that's easily rectified, and hopefully pretty cheaply too.

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