Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bang !

I managed to blow up our microwave today.

I was doing jacket potatoes, and I opened the door to check how they were getting on, and when I shut it again I caught the corner of my tea towel in the door. I yanked it out (fool) rather than opening the door because it was literally just the corner.

That somehow flipped the trip on the wall sockets and everything died. Reset the trip and everything came back on except the microwave. Bugger.

Ah, I thought, it's blown the fuse. So I swapped out the fuse, plugged it back in and switched on - nothing. Dead as a dodo.

I don't know enough about microwaves other than you plug them in, switch them on and push some buttons, and my engineering skills are zilch, so there's no way I'm diving into it's innards. I think it's for the tip. We've had it a good few years and it gets a bit of a bashing, so it's not the end of the world - apart from having to fork up the cost of a new one.

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