Monday, July 27, 2009

Kefalonia update

Been out in the car today. Further thing driving in Greece is a life in their hands experience. I've been overtaken more today on blind bends, hill crests and narrowing roads than ever before in the 32 odd years I've been driving. That apart it's easy. Apart from the fact that Kefalonia has introduced roundabouts for the first time this year and bizarrely you have to give way to traffic coming onto the roundabout. Yes, you're half way round and you have to stop. Very odd. Only the Greeks could do this!

Anyway we took out hired Focus north to Fiskardo a pretty harbour where te rich and famous come to play. On the way bck we stopped for lunch at Assos a beautiful village on an isthmus before stopping off briefly at the stunning beach at Myrtos (pictured). Sadly the surf was so strong we couldn't get into the water but the beach, used in the film Captain Correli's Mandolin is out of this world. The colours of the sea are absolutely unbelievable.

Back to the pool for a quick cooling dip and an hours rest before dinner. Another scorcher too today.

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