Saturday, June 06, 2009

iPod Touch

My daughter has just spent her birthday money and some of her savings on an iPod Touch. She's always been taken with my iPhone, and decided she wanted one for her birthday. We said, let's wait and see what you get - she got quite a bit of cash from friends and family, and as is the way with young girls found a few more quid lying around in her multitude of handbags (she's only 12!).

We agreed that to make up any difference she'd have to flog her 4G pink Nano which I've listed on e-bay tonight, and in the meantime we shelled out on the Touch - or rather she gave me what she had, I paid the difference and will pocket the e-bay money (and give her any surplus of course!).

I've never held a touch before, and though comparisons with the iPhone are obvious (minus the phone bit), the striking thing is just how thin it it - much thinner than the iPhone.

She's already uploaded about 800 songs from our iTunes/CD library, and a couple of DVD's I'd ripped for my iPhone.

The other interesting thing I found, was that I could load up applications that I'd download from iTunes for my iPhone. I thought I would have to pay again or download again, but no - they were all listed, all I had to do was pick and choose which ones to put on the Touch. Cool.

We haven't set up another iTunes account - if she goes to the App store, it asks for my username/password. I haven't read any info about the best way to manage multiple devices through iTunes, but I'm happy with things the way they are at the moment - at least she doesn't know my username/password!

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