Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We've just spent a couple of days down in west, West Wales staying in my sister's caravan. I absolutely love Pembrokeshire as I think I may have mentioned before, it's a rather special place. The coastal scenery is stunning, and the flora and fauna rich and diverse.

This view of Greenscar island just off the entrance to Sova harbour is taken from the "Gribben", a small hill that runs down one side of the fjord like harbour, and is possibly just about my favourite of all places in the area.

The weather was kond to us. Bethan and I swam in the sea on Monday (bloody cold it was too - even with our wetsuits on), and we did a bit of "coasteering" (scrambling over rocks and jumping into the sea), whilst Anne and James walked along the coat path a bit.

Yesterday we drove round to the other side of St Brides Bay to Wooltack Point where the renowned islands of Skomer and Skockholm are a huge attraction for seabirds and those that wish to see them in their natural habitat. After that we went to Marloes beach (also pictured), a huge expanse of sand and rocks - so big, even with a lot of people on it it looked empty.

Ah, well, until the next time.

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