Monday, May 18, 2009

Palm Pre...coming....very slowly

The Palm Pre is coming. Honest. We first knew about this device back in January, and despite many dodgy YouTube videos and an occasional spot of one "in the wild", Palm have been keeping amazingly shtum about this device, or more specifically when it will be available.

That's led many to believe that in fact it might never really materialise, going the way of the famed Foleo, and you have to wonder about Palm's motives for not giving anything away in terms of release dates or indeed upping the hype about this, especially in the wake of the forthcoming iPhone 3.0 OS and probably next gen iPhone device.

Still, Palm presumably have a plan. And word on the street is that June 7th is the likely date, though whether we'll see it here in the UK then is debatable.

I have to say that what I've seen of this device (the glossy Palm website aside) which amounts to a few of those dodgy YouTube videos, I'm very impressed, and very much have the "want one" factor. It just oozes "hold me".

Sadly (though not too sadly) I'm tied to my iPhone contract for a good while yet, although that will give me time to assess real usability from the inevitable early adopters (Shaun at PDA247, Murray from Palm-Mac and Philippa (another 247 stalwart) to name a few).

I'm going to be particularly interested in things like signal reception, battery life and stability, perhaps Palm's biggest issues with their Treo and Centro ranges.

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