Friday, May 01, 2009

Cardiff City Stadium

The Bluebirds new stadium now has it's own official logo. The stadium managed by Cardiff City Stadium Limited, and inspirationally called "Cardiff City Stadium" opens it's doors in July just over the road from the antiquated Ninian Park where City have played for the last 99 years.

The ground will be shared by the Bluebirds and Cardiff Blues regional rugby, and the naming of the stadium is a bit of an interesting point.

At one stage we (the fans) were told that one of the saving graces of the massive debt that City had accrued (£30 million+ if some reports were to be believed) would at least be offset by the fact the the naming rights were worth £9m. Yeah, right. Well clearly no-one's spent £9m on "Cardiff City Stadium". However, that may change in the future when it becomes inevitably, something else (how about the "Sam Hamman Dome" - remember Langston? Sorry - CCFC in joke, and a bad one at that)

Anyhow, the cynical amongst us (see the Thin Blue Line fanzine for one - a great read by the way) note that having cunningly called the place "Cardiff City Stadium", the Bluebirds have jostled the egg chasers slightly out of the picture, whilst the words "Cardiff City" are ever prominent.

Of course, the other take is that it's "Cardiff - (the) City Stadium", and the new logo above keeps that view by having the words "City Stadium" at one size, whilst "Cardiff" could be taken to refer to either the Bluebirds, or the Blues. Oh, how much clever politicking thought has gone into such a seemingly innocuous name and logo.

I bet someone paid someone £9m for that.

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