Monday, January 05, 2009

Heady days for gadet lovers...maybe

It's a nailbiting time for gadget lovers everywhere as the next week brings two major events.

First up is MacWorld Expo running from 5th to 9th January in San Fransisco, where despite the absence of Apple head honcho Steve Jobs giving a keynote speech, rumours abound of a new device, maybe an iPhone Nano. Who knows? No-one yet. just have to wait and see.

Then on Thursday this week at CES, Palm (remember them) are set to unveil their latest operating system (Nova) and a device it runs on. PDA 247 has a link to a site suggesting this will be a slide down (or is that up?) keyboard on a portrait screen device. Certainly it's the biggest news coming out of Palm for, oh, well....years. The key questions are though:
  1. Will it have wifi?
  2. Will it be 3g
  3. Have they missed the boat?
Again, we can only wait and see.

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