Friday, January 09, 2009

Busy, busy busy...

My it's been a busy week. I've hardly posted or Twittered all week.

To start with I've been feeling a bit under the weather (as have lots of people), though not with flu. A trip to the Dr didn't shed much light, and things have gradually improved through the week, though I've had a crashing migraine for nearly 2 days now - happily, it's subsiding a bit. As a result of that little lot, I've been off my food a bit and haven't gone near alcohol, and I'm going to try and continue the trend of less food (I like my food) and keeping off the booze for as long as.

On the cricket front I've had Senior & Junior committee meetings this week, and continue to tweak the revamped website which I'm pretty pleased with I have to say.

On the gadget forn, this has been a momentous week with Macworld Expo and the CES shows.

I'm not a Mac aficionado by any means, but it seems to me Macworld - or rather more specifically Apple's last appearance at Macworld was a bit of a damp squib. Some stuff about losing DRM on music, some other stuff about iLife I done't really undertand and not much else. The much rumoured iPhone Nano didn't materialise, as most of the switched on pundits were predicting.

Over at CES much greater goings on. Palm, in what most commentators, professional and amateur, were predicting as a last ditch attempt to win back favour with a new OS and device appear as if they might have done just that, though clearly it's too early to tell.

The new OS snappily named "Palm webOS" is based around HML and javascript (amongst others) promises to leverage the cloud (my term not theirs), and promo shots look enticing.

The new device, called Palm Pre (is that Pre or Pray), does indeed look very, very slick. It looks a bit to me like a cross between the iPhone, the Motorola Pebl and HTC Touch - but with gloss. It looks very, very nice. Front sliding hardware qwerty keyboard too! 3mp camera - with flash, wifi - yes wifi!

There's a few caveats of course. It's going to be on Sprint (US) only to start with in one of Palm's famous "tie-ins". It's CDMA only, so no good in the UK - if it ever gets here, though it's possible/probable we'll get a UK/Europe version at some stage I guess. we don't know how much it's going to cost, and it will be available "first half of 2009". That gives a LOT of room for manouvre (or delay).

I'm not clear at the moment whether it'll run all legacy Palm apps. The video on the Palm web site is slick and it looks responsive and slick - but then it would wouldn't it. Let's wait until we see it in people's hands and can assess stability, battery life and all that goes once the first flush of love is past. Still if someone were to give me one, I wouldn't say no....

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