Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bedlam and the cat

Woke up this morning. A few hours in work I thought, home, feet up, let Christmas begin.

Then I walked into the kitchen and saw the blood all over the floor! The cat had managed to (almost) pulled a claw right out of his hind paw - you'll rmember he's only just back from the vet's a couple of weeks. So off I trundled again. The vet took one look and said "He needs an operation to sort that out".

Left him with vet, went to work, did very little.

Mid-day, vet calls, all ready. Waited until about 1:30pm, then went to pick him up. The vets is in the retail par in Cardiff Bay, and it was utter bedlam. The world and his wife (and most of their kids) were out doing lats minute shopping. Cars parked everywhere - complete mayhem. I just don't get it.
  1. Why leave your Christmas shopping that late?
  2. The damn shops are open again on Saturday, if not Boxing Day!
Anyway, picked up the cat, paid a lovely unexpected bill of £150. Bless him, he's all over the place, disoriented from the anaesthetic, and got one of those "lampshade" collars on he needs to keep on for about 10 days! He can't go out for that long either - he's a real outdoor cat, so this is going to be a seriously annoying time for him (and probably us!).

Anyway, that was my Christmas Eve. Last post now I promise, for oh, maybe a day. A beer cracked, and mince pies beckon.

Have a good one all. Miaow!

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