Thursday, October 16, 2008

Credit crunch? I'm fed up of hearing about it

I might as well jump on the bandwagon. everyone else is.

Hey, did you know the world's about to end?

According to every news site, news programme, newspaper (except the Sun and the Mirror where Big Brother and Guy & Madonna rule) we're having a bit of a sticky time at the moment. No really, we are.

Everything's gone pear shaped, and it's all doom and gloom - except for falling energy and fuels and food prices - if that's the result, bring it on I say. Hmmm.

Frankly I don't care. I know I should, but I don't.
  • I don't have any shares.
  • My pension's already taken a hit, but I don't expect I'll be retiring for at least another 10 years
  • Our house has lost value, but we're not planning on selling it any time soon and if and when we do we'll probably be downsizing anyway
  • Our endowments are performing like pants, but they're not due to mature until 2019
  • We (luckily) have relatively safe, well paid jobs and enjoy a decent standard of living
So I don't really care. The sun will come up tomorrow (even if we can't see it because of the cloud and rain). Things will get better, and we'll talk about those dark days of yore, whilst living it up.

I'm fed up of hearing jumped up journalists who normally get 20 seconds every 4 hours getting wall to wall air time and going all gooey and all excited because the FTSE has taken a "massive 1.6% drop in the first 3 minutes of trading", and then recovered by 0.000265 of a percent 3 minutes later. It doesn't mean anything to me, or I suspect 99% of the listening public.

Frankly, I'd like more football coverage. Blimey, even more coverage of Guy & Madge's split would be welcome. Hell, even Big Brother.....well, no, perhaps not that.

I've taken to listening to Radio 2 rather than the doom laden Radio 5 Live, or even in desperate moments (Terry Wogan's slot for example) BBC Radio Wales, where everything is so parochial you wouldn't know there's a world beyond the Severn Crossing.

Ho hum

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