Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Samsung Omnia

I think I might have mentioned the Samsung Omnia before. Looks like a pretty decent smartphone to me,, though way too expensive for me.

There's an initial review on PDA247 at the moment where Gavin, the reviewer like it so much he bought it (Hey, remember Vincent Kiam the Remington shaver bloke and those cheesy 80's commercials where he told us he like the shavers so much he bought the company?.....I digress).

Anyway, the Omnia looks like a neat device if you discount the horrible telescopic stylus that hangs onto the phone by a bit of string (sorry, 'lanyard') and it's clearly aimed at the iPhone market I think. I've seen a couple of reviews now, and they've generally been positive. The interface looks the business, although it's still WM underneath the paint. If you want the glitzy promo stuff, visit the uk Samsung Omnia site as I don't see the point of duplicating all the specification stuff here.

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