Saturday, June 28, 2008

To play or not to play. That is the question.

In the absence of anything more interesting to post just now, I might as well update you dear reader, on my knee rehabilitation.

Saw the physio a week ago who asked what sort of level of activity I was expecting to get back to. I mentioned I'd like to try and play cricket again, although I admitted to him my best days were behind me (actually at 48 my best days have been behind me for some years!).

He was happy with the strength in my leg at 12 weeks post op, but basically confirmed what I already knew. However "successful" the operation was to ease the load on my knee, the underlying problem is that the joint's basically shot and at some stage it's a fair bet that I'll need a total replacement.

He didn't say so directly, but gave a very strong indication, that in his view I should hang up my cricket boots. My head agrees with him, but my heart keeps telling me to give it one more shot. He told me to go away and think about it for a couple of weeks, and will then decide my continued rehab programme (or not) depending on my decision.

I'm certainly not intending to play again this season - although I am going on the end of season tour - not as a player, but you never know on tours - too much beer and I might get talked into it...

I really, really want to at least try to play at least one season more, but I do accept that if I decide to do that it won't be big, and it won't be clever. Evidence of that the other night - after hobbling around with the U13's coaching them for 90 mins I was glad to get my feet up. The leg's still a bit swollen too.

Bugger. Getting old and crumbly isn't fun.!

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