Monday, June 30, 2008

Gadget withdrawal

I feel the need.

I haven't changed my phone for what, almost 5 months and I'm very happy with the Centro too. Nevertheless, I'm starting to get twitchy and have started perusing e-bay more and more. I think I need a gadget fix. Trouble is, I don't know what I want, it just needs to be small (relatively), electronic and shiny. Actually it doesn't even necessarily have to be shiny. Small, though, definitely small. Well, smallish. And electronic. Probably.

I'm tempted to keep hanging on until nearer my birthday and then try starting to drop hints about iPhones, but the trouble is I don't want to lumber myself with an O2 contract particularly - I'm quite happy with my T-Mobile contract and it's still got months to run.

I might even think about a retro purchase on e-bay just for the hell of it. Still don't know what though.

Tricky isn't it.....!

I want a laptop too. If only to keep the kids of my PC. All it gets is thrashed with Messenger, Stardoll or Runescape. Serious stuff like Blogging is relegated to my Centro or our other PC which the kids shun like the plague because it's only got a 15" screen! Tempted by an Asus EEE - the 7" version.

I probably should ignore all these inner temptations and just keep the money in the bank.

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