Friday, April 11, 2008

Friendliness in adversity

One thing that's struck me since my operation is how much more friendly and interested people are to you when you're lumbering about on a pair of crutches.

Taxi drivers, complete strangers or occasional acquaintances are all far more open and friendly than might otherwise be the case.

Anyway, had my first post op clinic appointment this morning. Consultant is happy with my progress, but nothing's changed in the rehab - another 2 weeks non- weight bearing then a fortnight gentle weight bearing - keep the physio going - see you in a month type of thing.

He did show me the in-operation x-rays showing the extent of the chunk of bone they removed from my shin (quite a lot by the look of it!). There's enough metalwork in there to make me worth a few bob at the scrappy. He couldn't answer with any certainty my key question that my kids want the answer to - "will I beep at airport security checks?". Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

He also showed me the pictures and the degree of damage to the inside of my knee - basically there's no cartilage left on the inner knee - looks just like carpet with holes worn in it!

Anyway the dressing is of now so I can show off my scar. Happy days.

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